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The Event

Ryan Foret
The Tradition Goes On

Ryan Foret’s rise to Swamp Pop stardom didn’t happen overnight. Early on in life Ryan
was exposed to the likes of Otis Redding, Jimmy Clanton, Fats Domino and many
others. Growing up in the Foret house provided just the nurturing a future Swamp Pop
legend would need to embark on the journey that has led to his current success. 1992
saw the birth of “Foret Tradition” Ryan accompanied by his younger brother Brandon
Foret began to play local Westbank Dancehalls, also Frequented by Uncle Wayne
Foret, and cousin Aaron Foret. It was clear at this young age that the next generation of
Foret Musicians were very special. Ryan’s Drive was apparent from day one. In the
beginning Ryan would almost from the start play Friday, Saturday, and Sundays around
the Westbank of New Orleans, often playing extra time even though it was a school
night. Ryans Parents were there every step of the way. Ryan’s dad would work all day
selling Floors then come home and help load the gear into his work van then take his
boys to their jobs. This process wasn’t an easy task, especially on Friday night. After
playing on Friday, they would have to unload when they got home so that Mr Tony could
go to work on Saturday morning. He never complained. That dedication; would instill a
work ethic that to this day can be seen in Ryan.
When Ryan turned 18, he took over day to day operations of Foret Tradition. The now
Established business that the entire Foret Family had worked to build. Fast forward
several years to August of 2005. Like many in the Greater New Orleans area, Foret
Tradition and Ryan Foret would go through Hurricane Katrina. The devastation would
cripple the Westbank Music Scene. Ryan made a decision. He decided that in order to
continue to pursue his dream he would need to branch out. He hit the ground running,
and before long “Foret Tradition” was playing from Lake Charles to Slidell. Ryan also
recognized the importance of carrying on the music that he loves so dearly. Already
having recorded 2 full length albums with his Brother Brandon, Ryan decided it was time
to make another record. With Brandon leaving the band to pursue his musical dreams,
Ryan started working on the CD that would define him as an Artist. 2007’s “Tee Nah
Nah” would ignite a craze that is still popular to this day. The now legendary “Tee Nah
Nah” is one of the most streamed Swamp Pop songs of the last 15 years. Ryan has cut
9 studio albums with a 10th due out in March. Playing over 160 dates a year isn’t easy.
On top of all the shows, Foret’s annual Cruise is one of the top grossing regional music
cruises. So much so, that in 2019 Ryan added another Cruise scheduled for November
of 19. If that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Ryan launched his Entertainment
company Bayou Soul Entertainment. At the helm of Bayou Soul Ryan has kept Swamp
Pop Music alive, not only by recording it himself, but allowing others to do it too by
financing several other Artist to date. His Annual Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
bashes are the talk of their respective cities all year long.
The Tradition Lives on not only in the Foret Family, but in a new era of Swamp Pop. At
the head of that new era of Swamp Pop is Ryan Foret. A business man, an Entertainer,
and ultimately a Fan of those who paved the way for his success.