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ASTRONOMY ON TAP Wednesday, December 7th Doors Open at 6:30PM Speakers Start at 7PM Speaker: Dr. Juhan Drank “When Binary Stars Dance and Merge” More than half of the stars are binary or multiple. Only close binaries are “interacting”. Among close binaries only the very closest manage to spiral in and merge. Mergers are the strongest and most dynamic form of interaction. They are interesting because they create extreme physical conditions, and result either in single stars of unique properties that never arise in the life of single stars, or in some kind of cataclysmic event. So far, very few observations of mergers exist, and the most promising avenue to understanding them is through large-scale numerical simulations. I will illustrate this approach by showing some simulation results obtained by the LSU team. Speaker: Dr. Jonas Klüter "Santa Claus" Ho ho ho. A physical view on his task to deliver Christmas presents. Food available from The Chimes!